This cool weather we’re currently enjoying is reminiscent of the low temperatures of Baguio. And you can make the Baguio experience in the metro closer to the real one when you visit the Queens Strawberry Farm in Cavite.


The strawberry farm near the metro

Just two to three hours away from Manila, Queens Strawberry Farm is a newly opened agri-tourism haven where guests can enjoy strawberry-picking with a cool breeze.

In contrast to the Benguet strawberry farms that grow their plants on the ground, Queens make use of the aeroponics farming process, which had the strawberry plants hanging from tall, tube-like structures all over the farm. At the moment, however, there aren’t a lot of fruits to pick yet, as they were just newly planted. Lucky guests who have already visited did find a few fruit-bearing ones, but it was rare.


The strawberry restaurant

The Queens Strawberry Farm Restaurant is a triangle-shaped structure with a lot of red and light-brown themed furniture that adds to the countryside diner charm. Potted plants on tiny nooks line the walls and add to the whole charming vibe, while the glass roof and windows let natural light in, creating a bright, cozy space.


Their menu offers all-day breakfast, all-day silog sets, salads, pasta, and main dishes, ranging from American to Filipino cuisine. Of their three current dessert offerings, the Barako Coffee Jelly sounds the most intriguing.

A lot of their meals, of course, contain some sort of strawberry in it, whether it’s jam or syrup or an actual whole strawberry.


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