Like most Pinoys, we love to eat.  Somehow the pandemic has limited the places we can dine in because other than following the minimum health and safety protocols for eating out, we have imposed upon ourselves to be extra careful in choosing where to dine.


We only dine in at outdoor places.  Lucky for us, Cavite has a lot of outdoor dining restaurants that has delectable dishes and wonderful ambience.  Let me share to you in this mini blog-series some restaurants you can visit and dine at Cavite.


Let us start this mini blog-series with Queens Strawberry Farm.



Queens Strawberry Farm is a new restaurant located at Alfonso, Cavite.  It opened its door to the public last December 2020.  The place is huge as it is also an events place.


Upon entrance you can see the main restaurant at the right side and the strawberry farm at the left.  The main restaurant is a two-story pink-painted building, with the second floor being an open-space.  The main restaurant has a very homey feel and looks really nice and pleasing to the eyes.



The Queens Strawberry Farm has a small fishing village where you can catch fish and have them cook it for you at a cost.



It also has a lettuce and strawberry farm at the back area of the restaurant.



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