Craving the strawberries of Baguio? If you’re stuck in NCR Plus, you’ll be glad to know you don’t actually have to travel far to get your favorite berry treats. Head south to Queens Strawberry Farm in Alfonso, Cavite, a very close neighbor of Tagaytay. In just an hour’s drive or two from Manila, you can experience strawberry picking and enjoy a variety of local dishes, in addition of course to delicious strawberry specialties. 



An Insta-Perfect Farm Estate


It’s quite hard to miss the unique triangular frame of the main restaurant, complemented by the estate’s lush surroundings. You get a whole mountainside cabin vibe that’s cozy and postcard-worthy. Those who love nature as their backdrop will be very pleased. Their strawberry farm is unique as well, utilizing vertical space to grow the fruits. No need to squat to show off those berries in your photos; you’re already surrounded by them. It’s the ultimate picture-perfect strawberry paradise in the south!


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