It may be surprising to know that there is a strawberry farm in the South but, as for the climate in Tagatay, it is not impossible to have a farm like the ones in Baguio. Now, it is the newest attraction in Tagaytay. The Queens Strawberry Farm is an agri-tourism site situated in Alfonso, a few minutes away from Tagaytay. It is the very first strawberry farm in the South that will soon offer activities like strawberry picking and tilapia fishing for its guests. The farm is planted with 50,000 fruit-bearing strawberry plants using Vertical Farming and Aquaponics Technology.

The Queens Strawberry Farm Entrance

What to Expect:

  1. Expect to see countless strawberry plants, mostly in vertical and horizontal tubes. The farm will soon offer strawberry picking activities, announcements will be posted on their FB page.

2. Tilapia fish ponds (backyard fish farming) are also in the area. They will soon offer tilapia catching activities. P50 per game (fish catching), P250 per kilo, and an additional P100 if you want it cleaned and cooked. (according to one of their staff)

3. There are also lettuce and other greens in vertical tubes for the restaurant’s use.

4. The Queens Strawberry Restaurant is relatively new and was still under its soft opening when we visit the place, and only a few visitors are inside. The restaurant has an A-frame cabin design with modern fixtures and lightings. It offers indoor and outdoor seating, located at the roof deck.

The Queens Strawberry Farm Restaurant used wood and glass materials with red, white, and pink colors.

The indoor dining area is spacious, bright, and clean. Seating options are available like booths, high tops, and regular tables and chairs. They use impressive wood furnishings, wall decors, and ceiling lights.

A variety of food choices including all-day breakfast, plates of pasta, strawberry inspired desserts, salads, and milkshakes. Strawberry Taho is also available here for P60.00 only. The food served was good-tasting, satisfying, and priced just right. Serving dishes are colorful and stylish.


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