Welcome To Queens Strawberry Farm

Queens is an agri-tourism destination in the hills of Alfonso, Cavite. Enjoy the great outdoors and visit our farm to pick fresh fruit (coming soon!) or catch live fish. The B&B has spacious and comfortable rooms to make you feel at home during your stay. Delight in our local specialties at the restaurant.

John Patrick Esquejo

Excellent customer service - this is the first thing I noticed from them. The restaurant ambiance is relaxing. Interior is beautiful. I like that they have fishponds around the place. The food is great. We didn’t order much because we had coffee just before we dined in, and a little time constraint. But will definitely try more next time!

Greg Carter

Definitely worth the visit. It would have been nice to know a little more about what was being grown there, and the techniques being used. A nice little coffee shop too. A perfect venue for weddings, family events, etc.

Jonas Concepcion

We just stopped by for coffee and desert, but the place is so much more. It's a strawberry and fish farm, it has a kid's playground, a snack bar, and the dining restaurant where we spent our time. The strawberry cheesecake was delish.

Engr Katz

We had a very pleasant experience.
Food was great. We love their Roasted pork platter and the Bulalo. Their chicken as well is superb. I wish they would expand their menu for more options but it is already good as it is.

The place is very Instagram worthy and you'll enjoy a pic or two before heading to the actual dining area which also offer an al fresco dining.
Kids will love their playground.
Would definitely be back.

What's happening?

Million Lights Festival!

YES! We counted.. To be exact, we setup 1,240,000 lights to light up the sky! Don't miss it while it's still up. Did we mention we also have a 48 Feet Christmas Tree?

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